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Seasoned merchants who have been selling online will be excited to know that Retaily is currently offering free trial from now till end July 2015. The dynamic retargeting service which recently launched last week aims to help small and medium sized businesses to increase revenue.

So How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, Retaily will cookie visitors to a site and offer ads targeted to only specific visitors based on what they were looking at in the online store. Say for example if they went to a site selling shoes and browsed through some Nike sports shoes. If they didn’t make any purchase, then Retaily will show those same Nike sports shoes as dynamic retargeting ads to the same visitor when they are browsing elsewhere. These retargeting ads could appear on popular browsing sites such as CNN, Yahoo, etc.

Of course the seller will be able to decide the amount of discount or free shipping that they wish to offer these targeted visitors. The offers come in the form of specific ads that will be shown to that visitor based on their recent visit. Think of it as a form of reminder because there could be a tonne of factors on why visitors did not make any purchase from the site.

Perhaps they were rushing off to do an errand? Or they had to take care of some other urgent matters? Maybe shipping was too expensive? Or the product that they were interested to buy ran out of stock or the site did not have the size or color that they were looking for?

What Makes Retaily Different From The Rest?

Many retargeting and remarketing sites offer merchants the same thing. However, you’ll notice that most of these ads that are shown are very generic ads. They are mostly shown to promote the brand while others are able to show the product that visitors recently browsed. So what’s the difference between Retaily and the rest? Retaily is smart enough to measure not only what the visitor was looking at but is also able to decide which type of ad to show the visitor.

So it’s not just a blatant rerun of product ads. It’s purposeful dynamic retargeting ads. Added a few products to the cart but didn’t check out? Those same products appear with specific discount or offer only to that specific visitor.

Not everyone who visits the site will be targeted but only visitors who have spent a specific amount of time showing their interest.

What’s The Rundown?

I mean, if as a seller you’re going to be spending money on ads, you might as well spend it on visitors who are interested in your brand, products and services. And these are the customers who would have known and visited your site on top of spending some time there. With Retaily, you stand a better chance of helping these visitors close the deal and increase your revenue. Hence it’s a free bonus for online sellers to use for free from now until end July 2015. Check out the short video below to get an idea of what Retaily can do :

website retargeting

It’s easy to jump on the retargeting bandwagon since everyone is hot on doing it right now. However, not all websites may require it. Depending on the website function, it makes sense only if you’re selling products or services which you would want to remind customers that have visited your site in the hopes of offering a better deal to close the sale. So before you sign up for a website retargeting service, you may want to consider what are the best strategies to implement for your online business.

What Needs Improvement? 

Perhaps your sales funnel isn’t as smooth hence customers are leaking out and not completing the checkout process. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and experience what they would go through. Having a website retargeting provider to check and critique your website may give you some pointers on what needs improvement.

Do You Have Enough Data? 

You won’t be able to make proper decisions if you don’t have enough data to crunch through. Are there any broken links or pages on your website which you are completely unaware of? Do you have a constant stream of traffic coming to your site and what’s the ratio compared to your sales? What are your best sellers and how are they bench marking against your competitors in terms of pricing? Where do visitors normally land on your site? Answers to these questions will give you an idea on what needs to be done for your site.

Is Your Retargeting Provider Offering Practical Retargeting Strategies?

In order to analyze your website and let you know what are the areas that need fixing or improvement, your retargeting provider will need proper data from your website. Because every website is different and unique in its own way, the retargeting strategies will definitely be different. Different strategies will be then be created to cater to each particular website. It’s not a one size fits.

Some of the strategies would include looking at your entire order history to study the trend of shoppers. Again this will only work if you have enough consistent sales and traffic to your site. Website retargeting strategies will not work well for new stores or those that don’t have much traffic. Because conversion rates will need to be monitored and compared before and after implementation of retargeting to measure improvement.

Clarify If Unsure

Before you say yes to any package or service, please make sure that you totally understand what are the service that will be provided and what the retargeting ads will look like. You do not want to end up scaring away customers if your ads appear all over the place spamming browsers. If you’re looking for a dynamic retargeting service provider, you could consider Retaily who would be able to offer you the necessary feedback and advice once they have a look at your site. You could reach them at

Best Ecommerce Software Company Updates

If you have an online store that is doing well with a reasonable amount of conversion, you would want to make sure that you keep up to date with the updates that are released by your ecommerce software provider.

This is because we tend to feel comfortable with what we know without wanting to find out more on what’s happening out there.

As there’s a constant stream of improvement, patches and new apps being released in the market, merchants should also make an effort to know what will work with their buyers.

Because it is the consumers who are driving the market based on the type of hardware that they are using. With PC sales on the decline as more people switch to smartphones and tablets to do their day to day browsing, merchants need to stay on top of the game to ensure that their online stores are accessible on all tablet and smartphone sizes.

Consumers these days would like to make purchases fast as they do not want to waste time dealing with difficult technical issues. Making a purchase online should only take less than a minute at the most. Just compare it to buying something over the counter. Select your product, make the payment and tell them where to ship it to. That’s it!

Hence  any of the best ecommerce software company out there will need to constantly provide relevant and timely updates to their merchants to keep them in the loop.

Take for example when Microsoft decided to stop providing technical support for their Windows XP software, they had to give ample time to users to make the necessary changes so as not to compromise any security issues that may occur.

And when they launched Windows 8, many people were hesitant to try it out as the interface looked completely new which they were unfamiliar with.

Here’s a short video on Windows 8 in case you want to find out how it works :

So it’s the same thing for these ecommerce software companies. They need to make sure that whatever new updates or features that they add to their ecommerce solution is properly documented with steps on how to use it.

If not, they will encounter a lot of annoyed merchants. Because merchants who want to try out the new features will not know how it works and they do not want to risk messing up their online stores in the process.

To see some of the best ecommerce software providers, click here

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Apple continues to impress consumers with more product improvements. The recently released Macbook Air now comes with faster processors and longer battery life. The Macbook Air comes in 11-inch and 13-inch models and have been promised by Apple to have 9 and 12 hour battery life respectively. Not bad as the biggest complain that most consumers have when it comes to portable devices is battery life.

This is indeed good news for business owners who are planning to get an upgrade. The Macbook Air is an excellent lightweight laptop for those who are constantly on the go running their online business. Whether these business owners are traveling to different countries or states sourcing for products or managing their business throughout the day, the lightweight laptop is able to provide all the speed and processing power required.

Top Ecommerce Software Platforms

Which is also good news for the top ecommerce software platforms out there who provide ecommerce solutions powering these online businesses. While there may be a lot of demand for mobile commerce, running an online business still requires the need for a laptop that does not weigh you down or limit you with short battery life. The need for fast processing time will also help take the load off you when you need to process those crucial online orders that come in from your customers.

Many online business users may also depend on getting updates via their mobile phones or tablets but when they really need to do some serious product uploads or online store maintenance to their website, they will still need to use either a desktop or laptop to do it properly.

That’s because the screen on a mobile phone is too small. A tablet may not have complete full function as compared to a desktop or laptop. While these mobile devices may be a convenient way of doing quick checks and updates, those who have been in the ecommerce industry long enough will still vouch for a powerful, fast, lightweight laptop that they can bring around wherever they go to tackle any online business issues.

All the top ecommerce software platform providers are constantly making sure that their solutions work across all the different mobile devices and tablets. However, if you check with their respective customer service, they will still recommend business owners to use a laptop to make the necessary changes while they could check the changes with their mobile devices.

To see what these ecommerce software providers offer, please click here to see them in more detail.

Ecommerce Specialist Are In High Demand

Ecommerce Specialist

If you own an online store out there, chances are you will really need the services or expertise of an ecommerce specialist to help make your site more visible. Last time, folks would just depend on doing old fashion SEO. Not to say that SEO isn’t relevant any longer but with Google constantly tweaking their algorithm, it seems harder to get sites to rank these days.

So perhaps you have tried everything. You have tweaked your store’s SEO. You’ve sprinkled your keywords all over your website and have built all the relevant links. Now what? Your site is still not visible. Neither is it ranking. So how do the other sites get ranked high on Google? Is there a magic recipe that only a few people know about?

Or did they actually spent a lot of time building links every day, all the time to their website? or is there a completely different strategy involved to get a website to rank that we do not know about? Maybe you need an ecommerce specialist to have a look at your online site.

However, be prepared that they will critique it for a price. It doesn’t mean that your site looks awesome that it will guarantee good ranking. The ecommerce specialist will most probably have an overall look at your website and the type of links that are linking to your site. Are they relevant links? Are they linked to junk sites?

This is why ecommerce specialists are in such high demand. The main reason why anyone would want to get a hold of them is because they need help to get their sites to rank and be more visible online. I mean, if you’ve done all that you could and nothing seems to be working, why not give them a try?

They may even tell you things about your website that you didn’t know about that requires fixing. Perhaps broken links? Or not enough relevant information? Or not enough social exposure? There could be a tonne of possibilities. However, the specialist can at least help you narrow down the main ones to hit the important things that will improve the rankings of your site thereby improving your sales conversion.

If you are in need of a well seasoned ecommerce specialist, click here and look for Charles. He’s seasoned enough to have his own shopping cart software which he built from scratch that’s been helping thousands of folks sell their products and services online.

Best Ecommerce Software Hosting For Businesses

Best Ecommerce Software Hosting For Businesses

Running an online business is tough job. As if having a normal job is not enough, wait till you try running your very own online store. That does not include the set up along with all the SEO work, website design, products, payment and shipping that one needs to make sure is set up correctly. And of course you would need to offer something that people can’t get out there at a really competitive price.

In order for you to make sure that your hard earned buck is stretched to the maximum, you want to make sure that the budget is used properly and well spent. So before you have your online store set up, you would have to take the time to locate some of the best ecommerce software hosting for businesses such as yours.

Try and get a service provider that offers value for money features. That includes hosting as you don’t want to deal with too many parties all over the place. Most of the time, these ecommerce software solutions providers would have taken the bulk of their time to create a really good package for many online businesses to use. They understand that people don’t have the time to create it themselves and many do not have the knowledge to do so as well.

So by helping many customers succeed, they ensure that they have a continuous growing base of  merchants. For new or existing merchants who are looking for a reputable, reliable and powerful shopping cart to host and run their online business, it’s quite easy to look up some of the best ecommerce software reviews to see which would best suite their needs.

That will help them save time as they do not need to try out most of the online shopping carts out there. All they have to do is to pick the best based on their criteria and try out free trial that is provided by these ecommerce solutions. If you’d like an idea on who are some of the top ecommerce software hosting companies out there, click here

Remember to factor in the pricing to run your online business which would include payment gateway subscription and any additional logo or website design work that you may require to make your online site look unique and special. Those who require some help with their SEO will be able to find tonnes of useful advice for free that are offered by these shopping cart service providers.

Here’s a short video on how easy it is to start up your own online store :

Yahoo Small Business

With so many different shopping cart software providers out there to choose from, one would really wonder which is the best to use? Maybe we could all consider that all the ecommerce solution providers are the same since they all offer somewhat similar features. The only difference would be the layout and how these different features are programmed to work.

Anyway, I was looking through a Yahoo Small Business review trying to figure out whether it has a better advantage or edge over the other ecommerce software providers like GoDaddy, Shopify, InstanteStore or AmeriCommerce in terms of features. Looks like Yahoo could really do with a complete overhaul of their Small Business solution as everything looks somewhat outdated. Ok, never mind about the looks of the shopping cart. More importantly is the fact that everything works and there are no crazy glitches which will drive merchants to flood customer service with calls.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that there was no free trial period offered and if a merchant signs up for a year with Yahoo, the following year will see an increase in the subscription fees. You’d think that they would want to reward loyalty here?

No matter which ecommerce solution you pick, you’ll never know unless you try it out yourself. And it may seem that there are so many things to get done, all you need to do is calm yourself down and tackle each item one at a time. Rome wasn’t built in one day. And neither were all the great businesses either.

On top of that, it will be quite a learning experience. Many of the seasoned merchants will tell you that they learned a tonne of stuff along the way. So no matter how many tutorial videos you look through, you will still need plenty of passion, determination and planning to succeed. There is no short cut. Build your online business honestly with work and learn along the way.

If you want a rundown on Yahoo Small Business, click here

mCommerce Being Embraced By Brick And Mortar Stores

Mobile Commerce Feature By CoreCommerce

In 2012, mobile commerce, and ecommerce, for that matter, was a 4 letter word to brick and mortar store owners. Blatant acts of showrooming were taking place in traditional stores all over the world. From small time retailers to the likes of Walmart, they were all affected by the growth of mobile commerce, which to tell the truth, suffered from a slow start. But boy has it taken off.

How times have changed. After a year of standing helpless while watching potential shoppers come in to stores, pull out their smartphones and engage in a price checking dance, brick and mortar stores are using the same technology to their benefit.

Thanks to other existing mobile technologies along with mobile commerce, brick and mortar store owners are now able to enrich the shopping experience of those who set foot on their hallowed grounds.

QR codes displayed all over stores engage shoppers by piquing their curiosity, prompting instant offers of discounts. Some, time sensitive on purpose to instill a sense of urgency.

Location enabled devices could also trigger greeting, ads and offers as soon as a shopper enters a store.

Some ecommerce software offer a feature that allows a shopper to save on shipping by letting the shopper make a purchase online (securing items at discounted prices) and picking up the order at a later time, like on the way back from work.

Fortunately, it does not require a quantum leap for a brick and mortar store to expand to an online store. Most solutions have evolved to a point where practically anyone can use them off the bat. Further more, they all contain just about the same features and cost around the $100 range.

Main Banner On CoreCommerce Page

A quick look at a CoreCommerce Review found at, shows that the software lists mobile commerce or mCommerce on it’s feature list.

Mobile Commerce Has Finally Taken Off

3dCart mCommerce

Mobile commerce or mCommerce was supposed to have taken off years ago. But after a few false starts, it has finally made its contribution to ecommerce felt, contributing slightly over 16% of online sales. Leading the charge are those mobile juggernauts – the iPhone and the iPad.

Apparently, not many people use Android powered devices to shop online. Could it be that the iOS operating system is more user friendly when it comes to shopping online?

Anyway, with the trend to use mobile devices to browse sites and shop online has been increasing at a phenomenal rate and developers of ecommerce software have been busy bundling their software with mobile commerce apps. They did the same with Facebook Shop apps but unfortunately, social sites like Facebook contributed hardly anything to online shopping during the holiday shopping season. But social sites still remain great sources of traffic.

 3dCart Main Banner

If you were to research online store software features, you will notice that most of the top brands provide mobile sites for free. You can easily get a custom mobile site for a small fee. If your site is not mobile ready, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. If you look at shopping cart reviews like the 3dCart Review (copy and paste this URL to a browser address bar if link does not work, for instance, they clearly state that you can sell on Facebook and on Mobile devices in minutes.



Work On Your Online Store Or Watch Honey Boo Boo?

Yes. That question has plagued many an online store owner ever since the hit series aired. But, fortunately, there is time to do both.

Most online store owners have day jobs and use ecommerce as a way to earn some extra money for the kids’ college tuition or a yearly family vacation at some exotic island in the tropics. So, the most these merchants would spend on their store would be two hours a day. An hour would be allotted for processing orders , answering email and updating the store and the remaining hour would be focused on marketing the store to make sure traffic continues to flow in.

Ecommerce software is getting so easy to use, it has become a no brainer. You don’t need programming knowledge. You don’t even need skills in design. All you need is to be a little net savvy and have a bit of passion to do business. That’s it.

If you are just in it to try your luck, I can tell you that there is a 99% chance of failure. You need to focus on succeeding. Stats from ecommerce software firms confirm that merchants who take up the cheapest plans have the highest drop off rate. Those who take up the most expensive plans have a much better rate of success.

But this does not mean you should sign up with the priciest plan on the menu. This just means that if you want something to succeed, you need to be serious about it.

Creating a successful store has very little to do with which ecommerce solution you sign with. It depends largely on your marketing efforts. I’ve seen crappy looking stores making 6 figures monthly and nice looking stores struggling to make 4 figures a month. The difference is that the owners of the crappy looking store did everything under the sun to drive traffic to their stores, the worked to improve conversion and they reaped the rewards.

However, it is still important to get a dependable ecommerce solution with all the necessary features that you may need. But once you’ve set up your store, you have to make a concerted effort to promote it.

Volusion Big Banner On Main page

How do you pick a good solution? Well, there are many good ones out there. I would suggest visiting review sites and researching the top solutions first. A popular solution is Volusion. So lookout for Volusion Review 2013 ( to get the latest review.

Which Top Ecommerce Software Is Better?

Top Ecommerce Software

More than 10 years ago, you wouldn’t have to face this predicament when you wanted to start your own online business. Now, with so many ecommerce shopping cart software in the market, it is hard to know which one would be better to start off with. And with more and more people choosing to set up online stores to do business, time is something that everyone is constantly fighting for to get a truck load of tasks done in the shortest time frame possible.

So which top ecommerce software is better? Or which would be the best ecommerce software? Depends actually on a number of factors. Like are you a beginner? Or are you a seasoned merchant looking to switch ecommerce solution providers? Or are you an established company wanting to set up a few multiple online stores to offer your products to specific target groups? Maybe you have started compiling a list of shopping cart software to try out. But would you have the time to go through each of them?

One of the fastest way would be to have a look at some of the top ecommerce software review sites. At least you get a clearer perspective on what are the strength and weakness of each ecommerce solution along with feedback and suggestions. So whether you are budget-conscious or need to get your store set up fast without having to worry about money, each different solution will be able to cater to your needs.

Just a word of advice though, although you may think that you found a good shopping cart, it will not help much if you don’t get any traffic or your site is not able to convert traffic into sales. So you may want to consider doing some read up or research on SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) so that you won’t be caught off guard after spending your hard earned money building a beautiful online store.

Want some more information on some of the top ecommerce software to see which would be better for you? Swing by this site to find out more. It will save you some time and a bit of sanity.


GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy happens to be the largest domain name registrar in the world. The company has more names under management than any other registrar by offering competitively priced products coupled with its 24/7 live customer service support. So if anyone wants to do a GoDaddy review, they will be quite impressed with the company’s hosting and domain registration features.

Recently, new CEO Blake Irving just took over. Coming from an impressive background of previously working in Yahoo as Chief Product Officer, Irving left before Marissa Mayer from Google took over as Yahoo CEO. Prior to joining Yahoo, Irving has 15 years of working experience with tech giant Microsoft. One of the position he held in Microsoft was Corporate VP of Windows Live.

With Blake Irving taking over the CEO helm from interim CEO Scott Wagner, GoDaddy looks poised to offer better innovative and interactive service to their huge database of clients – especially looking at Irving’s impressive track record.

Other than domain registration and hosting, GoDaddy also offers their clients the tools to build their own website called the Website Builder. Whether these clients are just building a website to display their information or they are planning to sell products online, the company has taken that into account and even offers mobile commerce features to help their clients reach more consumers.

Those interested to find out more about GoDaddy’s Website Builder could check out the review at just to get an idea on what is being offered when it comes to their Website Builder along with feedback and suggestions.

Just last year, the company acquired a cloud-based financial management application called which no doubt will help boost the company’s hosting capabilities. What current customers and consumers are waiting to see is better and faster service along with more innovation to make doing business online a really smooth and fluid experience for both sellers and buyers.

And with Blake Irving promising to hit the ground running, it looks like this year will see more product innovation as he takes over the helm.

Forgot to share this short and funny GoDaddy video which I found totally amusing. Hope you like it as well :

Shopify Review – Mobile Commerce App

Shopify Mobile App

Ever thought of running your entire online store or online business from your iPhone? Most would think that this is impossible but for sellers who are currently using Shopify’s ecommerce shopping cart, they will be able to tell you that it is possible. Earlier I was on the look out for a few Shopify review sites to see what they would say about this ecommerce solution offering mobile commerce services to customers.

While having a look at Shopify’s own site, I stumbled upon the company’s mobile commerce feature. The company’s mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple’s App Store for free. Of course you would need to have an account with Shopify to access this feature.

Basically, it is the same as running your online store from a desktop or laptop. But with the changing times, business owners are always on the go and every second needs to count. So whether they are in the car, on a bus or in a train, as long as they have an internet connection, running their store from their iPhone should be a piece of cake.

So accessing new orders and checking on your store’s statistics could be done with a few swipes of the finger via your smartphone. On top of that you could complete a customer order and approve payments received. Running a store while on the go just got simpler without you having to lug your laptop or notebook around.

Shopify is using HTML5 so that your online store looks great on any of the top smartphones in the market be it an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. Merchants do not need to worry as their mobile commerce website will have the same powerful feature and product details as their ecommerce store. And if you are worried about online security, the company provides a 128 bit SSL encryption along with Level 1 PCI compliant hosting. So your business information and your customers’ data are always protected.


Think the look will be boring when customers visit your store via their smartphones? Go ahead and have the theme customized according to your taste. These are called mobile templates. So don’t be limited by the look of your store. You may have a specific look and design for the store when people access it via a desktop, notebook or tablet. While most will want the same theme, feel and look for their mobile store, there are some sellers who may prefer to use a different theme just to spruce up the look for a change.

Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try. Shopify currently offers a 14 day free trial period.

If you’re interested to find out more about Shopify, check out the review at to see what his popular shopping cart has to offer.

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